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Delete it if you find it, then try running HamachiX again. Try hitting the forum at Hamachi. Then use that info to try and figure out if the app was only half installed. Try adding a password to the account and see if it works after that. Anonymous July 7, Reply. Fez August 12, Reply. That should do it. Fez August 13, Reply. I had disabled the vulnerable windows applications during installation. That stopped me from browsing the folder on clients. I fixed from preferences now it works great! Vermouth September 19, Reply. I want to play games with my friend using hamachi.

I use hamachi x for mac and all my friend are using windows.. How can i connect to them? Wat should i do? Vermouth September 20, Reply. Is disabling the firewall needed to be able to connect hamachi on? In my windows i know i need to.. But in mac is it required before turning on hamachi? I can browse, download, upload to and modify all the files in his shared documents folder, but he cannot even see mine. Anonymous November 18, Reply. Anonymous November 27, Reply. Mohammed December 25, Reply. Smanke, I need you help I been trying to connect my two pcs using Hamachi but when I typed at the windows start , run on one pc the ip address on one 5.

X it says network path is not found. The firewall on pc I typed in the ip has already been disabled. Ali Sahbana April 6, Reply. It should just be a matter of setting the permission on the file or the shared directory. Keep in my that if the volume is formatted NTFS, there are the NTFS permissions associated with the files and directories as well as the list of users that have access to the share from the shared folders properties. I also suspect that the OS is not allowing you to access the share because there is no password associated with the user account.

The theory being that any one from anywhere could gain access to the data depending on your connection to the network and the internet at large. I would try adding a password to the account and see if that corrects the problem first. The-H July 14, Reply.

LogMeIn Hamachi for Mac

Then a black box will appear. Type in: Net User, press enter. A list will show up. Type in the name of the Net User you want most likely yourself. Net User George. A list should show up with passwords and usernames. If not, you have a problem. I think Microsoft fixed this with versions Windows and above. Sure, the Mac and PC work on the same Hamachi networks.

The only pain will be dealing with the Hamachi command line on the Mac. There is no GUI and that complicates things. Anonymous August 14, Reply. Anonymous August 23, Reply. DuckofSparks August 31, Reply. The problem I am having, is that the game is using the IP that my home router is giving me, not my hamachi IP, so the other players cannot connect. I have been told i need to reorder my network port configurations to place hamachi at the top — but hamachi is not on the list, and I do not know how to configure it manually. I aint giving my name to a computer October 4, Reply.

My friends network is used to run a game. I cant connect to her or the game. I try pinging her and recieve the request timed out error over and over. It happens to other poeple. Paul December 12, Reply. I need to create a VPN in order to stream tv from one country to another, e. Sjoerd Jan January 25, Reply. I am using MacOS X Same for other users.

How to download hamachi for mac and windows

When I first start it, after a fresh boot on my macs, everything works flawless using Apple Bonjour Technology: No problem at all. The problems begin when I disconnect one of the 2 macs from the network and then reconnect it again. I have tried lots of workaround with no success: The only thing I can do to bring everything working again is a full reboot of the mac that have been disconnected.

Do you have any workaround for this? Is really a pain to reboot my system only to get hamachi working with bonjour again. Anonymous April 1, Reply. MY Hamachi network works perfect. I add two new computers. I can chat and ping but when i try to browse I get my own c drive. Anonymous June 10, Reply. I play football manager an awful lot and have used hamachix on my mac for ages in order to play network games with my friends. I have tried reinstalling it and going back to old versions but literally nothing works.

I cant get anywhere with it at all and have been spending hours trying to fix it. If anyone could help me that would be great because hamachix has been amazingly useful for me and i really want to get it working again. Please explain in the simplest of terms because i am by no means a computer whizz lol. Anonymous September 14, Reply. Margus October 28, Reply. I have a slight problem with Hamachi. When i try to browse the files on the other computer all I get is a password promt most likely from the remote PC.

Might there be an issue with allowing network log-ons or something like that? I know that as both of the computers are running Windows XP on remote and Vista Home Premium on local this might be the wrong place to write, but it should work similarly and also I saw some posts regarding the same problem here of which none were helpful for me. Pic of the prompt: Tyrese November 22, Reply.

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I try clicking it about 10 or 20 times and it does not work at ALL. Any Suggestions? I wish I could be of more help with the support on this right now. The new version of Hamachi is out and it is really cool. But I have only had a little time to play with it and have a lot to learn. I did note that the trick with the 2. Hamachi is getting more complicated to use, but it is getting 20x more powerful and I am very impressed by what I have seen so far!

Anonymous January 31, Reply. Can someone connect to me using Hamachi2 for Pc? I have problems connecting to a server for a game. I have tried opening my firewall but it still has problems. Anyone know what to do? Kallekeek May 11, Reply. I just bought a new imac i7 and installed LogMeIn Hamachi!!! I joined the network and they had to accept me and they did. The browse option is not even possible. I can see other Hamachi computers when I browse my network. There were a lot of changes in Hamachi 2. That could make a big difference.

For example, the other Mac users I am able to see on my Hamachi LAN are using the latest Hamachi build not that there ever was a good Mac version when it was 1. Also check your Mac firewall and the firewall of the Mac you want to see over Hamachi. Either one could be getting in the way. When it comes to Hamachi 2. Download it direct from the Hamachi site here: Just be aware this is the correct site. It might be worth trying to disable the firewall entirely just for testing.

But there is always plan B. In the Hamachi list, you can make note of the IP address of the machine you want to connect to. It should be be 5. Just go to the connect window and enter the IP address and hit connect. You should either connect directly, or get the login prompt. And if you want, you can specify the connection method in the address.

Also available in other platforms

Such as afp: Kallekeek May 12, Reply. Not stupid at all. None of this is well documented. This is how we all learn… and by doing it all online we help others who come by and read what we have been through. But since you are not familiar with the connect window, this might be all you need to get connected. When you look at the Hamachi window you should see the remote computers name. Beside that name should be its IP address on the Hamachi network. Hamachi IP addresses always start with a 5 and follow a 5.

For example 5. Make note of the IP of the machine you want to connect to. It will have a Server Address field. That is where you enter the Hamachi IP address you made note of earlier. If you are connecting to a Mac, you likely just need to enter the IP in the field and hit connect.

Hamachi Download - TechSpot

If that does not work, try entering the IP as afp: If you are connecting to a Windows file share use smb: The afp: When browsing the network fails, this should be the foolproof way of connecting. As long as the Hamachi network is connected and the other machine is reachable via the Hamachi network, this will be reliable, even when the browse option does not work. Kallekeek May 19, Reply. Kallekeek May 20, Reply. Thanks for the update. I never realized there was a Browse option in Hamachi.

I never tried it. The only thing I ever tried from that menu was Ping and that was just to see if the connection was up. Heartless Beast October 19, Reply. Can Hamachi be run on a mac this old? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Since Hamachi went 2. I did some digging and found these system requirements: Mac OS I was thinking that he might be able to get around the issue if he could find the older 1.

But that version was much harder to use on the Mac. It never had a good graphical interface.

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  6. It only ever worked well using the command line. And it required some additional encryption drivers to be installed before it could even run.

    Create virtual private networks on-demand

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    Email Address. Share this: Like this: Like Loading EmiratesMac June 24, Reply Thanks for this! For some reason, iTunes music sharing just started to work. EmiratesMac July 1, Reply Cosimoto: Most of the machines on my network are having the same issue. Cosimoto July 14, Reply I got it to work on my intel imac in a very weird way. Graham July 21, Reply Hey I got HamachiX installed but when i try add a netwrok or join on the add button is always greyed out. Request timed out. Are you still having issues? William January 3, Reply there is another program like Hamachi to used???

    Does rebooting, or resetting the service correct the issue? On the other side, some XP boxes sometimes need to have file sharing enabled. Good luck! V3ngance February 9, Reply For some reason I cant browse anyone on hamatchi and some of my friends cant either. Are you all running the latest version? Anyone else have an idea? V3ngance February 11, Reply I am runing the latest version.

    Geronimo March 5, Reply I just installed Hamachi for the second time on my machine, I downloaded the free version so I could transfer files from one PC to another like I used to. Thanks for any help. Please help, I need Hamachi to connect to a windows box. Anonymous July 7, Reply hi there a group of my friends and i used hamachi for ages but now we cant seem to connect is there are thing going on atm with hamachi?

    Fez August 13, Reply Smanke, Thanks for your response. I figured out what I was doing wrong. Vermouth September 19, Reply i have a question.. Vermouth September 20, Reply im sorry im new to mac.. Now anyone running the Hamachi client can join your network by connecting to it by name, and supplying the password. Get it installed then fire it up.

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    Once you start it, it will tell you to click the Power On button so press it. Now Hamachi is up and running but we need a network to connect all the computers. Click on Create a new network to create one. After entering the Network ID name and the password click create and the network will be created immediately. The network is created but there is only one computer in the network. You have got your own network and can access all the computers that are connected to it.

    Just right-click the computer that you want to access and select Browse. You will see the shared files just like you do with computers on you LAN network. LogMeIn Hamachi has two great features. First, all connection are encrypted so you are safe.