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You are responsible for the quality and performance of the envelopes you use. For more information about how to choose the settings, see the Help text in the printer driver.

Brother HL-2035 Driver

Remove the paper and straighten it. If there is a paper jam, see Paper jams and how to clear them on page Printing on both sides of the paper manual duplex printing 2 Note You should use plain paper and recycled paper. Do not use bond paper. Remove the printed even-numbered pages from the output tray and put them back in the paper tray, placing the paper with the side that is going to be printed on blank side face down. Follow the instructions on the computer screen. Note When you put paper in the paper tray, first empty the tray then put the printed pages in the tray, with the printed side face up.

Brother HL-2035 driver downloads

Do not add the printed pages to the top of a stack of unprinted paper. Manual duplex printing from the manual feed slot 2 2 Note You should not use very thin or very thick paper. Repeat this step until you have printed all the even-numbered pages. Place the paper with the side that is going to be printed on the blank side face up. If you print 10 pages on 5 sheets of paper, it will print page 2 then page 1 on the first sheet of paper. It will print page 6 then page 5 on the third sheet of paper, and so on.

When doing manual duplex printing, the paper must be put in the paper tray in the following way: Typically, this format is a printer command language or page description language. You can also download the latest printer driver for all of the following operating systems from the Brother Solutions Center at http: If you want to uninstall the printer driver,see Uninstalling the printer driver on page For more information, please see the Help text in the printer driver.

The screens on your PC will vary depending on your Operating System. You can also change settings by clicking the illustration on the left side of the Basic tab. Choose the Paper Source 2. Click OK to apply your chosen settings. To return to the default settings, click Default, then OK. Printer Halftone, System Halftone, Improve gray printing.

There are six types of manual duplex binding directions available for each orientation. Watermark 3 You can put a watermarked logo or text into your documents. When you use a bitmap file as a watermark, you can change the size of the watermark and put it anywhere you like on the page. When you use text as a watermark, you can change the font, darkness and angle settings.

You can jump to the page for each Printer Function by clicking the function name in the list below. You can reprint a document without sending the data again from your PC. A small selection window appears on your computer.

This will then let you make changes to the settings of the following functions: Sleep mode acts as though the printer was turned off. The default time-out is 5 minutes. When Intelligent Sleep Mode is selected, it is automatically adjusted to the most suitable time-out setting depending on how often you use your printer.

While the printer is in sleep mode, all the LEDs are off, but the printer can still receive data from the computer. Receiving a print file or document automatically wakes up the printer to start printing. Pressing the Go button will also wake up the printer. Sleep mode can be turned off. We recommend that you keep Sleep mode on for power saving.

The default setting for the Status Monitor is on. If you would like to turn the Status Monitor off, you can change the setting of the Status Monitor in the Device Options of the Advanced tab. The page protection feature allows the printer to create the full page image to be printed in memory before physically moving the paper through the printer.

When the image is very complicated and the printer has to wait to process the image before printing, use this function. Specifies the format of the date.

11 Results

Specifies the format of the time. About the errors, see Error message printout on page You can download the latest printer driver by accessing the Brother Solutions Center at http: Pages per sheet: Select how many pages will appear on each side of the paper. Layout direction: When you specify the Pages per sheet, you can also specify the direction of the layout.

If you want to add a border, use this function. Follow the instructions on the screen. Select UnInstall. Drag all these following files in the Extensions folder to the trash. Once the computer has restarted you can then dump the trash. Restart the Mac. Log on as an "Administrator". Click on the name of your printer in the printer list. From the Finder menu, delete the Printer. LED is off.

LED is blinking. Pressing the Go button wakes up the printer from Sleep mode to Ready mode. Warming up The printer is warming up. Receiving data The printer is either receiving data from the computer, processing data in memory or printing the data. Data remaining in memory Print data is left in the printer memory. If the Ready LED blinks for a long time and nothing has printed, press the Go button to print the data that is still in memory. Toner low Indicates that the toner cartridge is nearly empty. Purchase a new toner cartridge and have it ready for when Toner Life End is indicated.

The Toner LED alternates turning on for 2 seconds and off for 3 seconds. See Replacing the toner cartridge on page Cartridge position error The toner cartridge is not installed correctly. Take out the toner cartridge and put it back into the printer again.

We recommend that you get a new drum unit to replace the current one. See Replacing the drum unit on page The Drum LED alternates turning on for 2 seconds and off for 3 seconds.

Brother HL driver and software Free Downloads

No paper fed tray1 Put paper in the tray. See Printing on plain paper, bond paper or transparencies from the paper tray on page 7. Then press the Go button. Paper jam Clear the paper jam. See Paper jams and how to clear them on page If the printer does not start printing, press the Go button. No paper fed manual feed slot Put the paper in the manual feed slot.

See Printing on plain paper, bond paper or transparencies from the manual feed slot on page 10 or Printing on thick paper, labels and envelopes from the manual feed slot on page See Solving print problems on page Print overrun A print overrun occurred and the printer cannot print full pages of a document. Drum error The corona wire needs to be cleaned. See Cleaning the corona wire on page If your LED's still shows the same error indication after you have cleaned the corona wire, replace the drum unit with a new one.

If you cannot clear the error and see the same service call indication after turning the printer back on, call your dealer or a Brother authorized service representative. LED indications while pressing Go button on page 38 to identify the error. For example, the LED indication below shows a fuser unit failure.

Note Make sure that the front cover is fully closed before you report a service call. Leave the printer for 10 minutes with the power on. If the error occurs again, consult your dealer or Brother authorized service representative. If an error is not automatically cleared, press the Go button to clear the error, and then continue to use the printer.

The printer will print any data that is left in the printer memory. Using control panel button a b c Turn off the printer. The printer will print a test page. Release the Go button. Using the control panel button a b c 4 Make sure that the front cover is closed and the power cord is plugged in. Turn on the printer and wait until the printer is in the Ready state. Press the Go button three times within 2 seconds.

The printer will print the current printer settings page. When you open the front cover or back cover of the printer, never touch the shaded parts shown in the illustrations. Replacing the consumable items 5 5 You will need to replace the consumable items regularly. Note These instructions are also included in Improving the print quality on page Consumables 5 Toner Cartridge Drum Unit See Toner cartridge on page 43 See Drum unit on page 48 42 Routine maintenance Toner cartridge 5 The life of the original toner cartridge that came with the printer may be either a starter 1or standard 2 toner cartridge, and depends on the model and country you bought the printer in.

If the LED shows this message, the toner cartridge has nearly run out of toner. Buy a new toner cartridge and have it ready before you get a Toner Life End message.

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To put in the toner cartridge, see Replacing the toner cartridge on page When you want to buy toner cartridges, call the dealer you bought the printer from or Brother Customer Service. See Cleaning on page To prevent damage to the printer from static electricity, do not touch the electrodes shown in the illustrations.

If toner scatters on your hands or clothes, immediately wipe or wash it off with cold water. If you have questions, call your local waste disposal office. Hold the cartridge level with both hands and gently rock it from side to side five or six times to spread the toner evenly inside the cartridge.

The manual feed slot supports plain, bond, recycled, envelopes, labels and thin papers. Furthermore, these paper types should weight within 14 and 63 lbs. The printer also has interesting physical dimensions such as a weight of 6. The power consumption inside this printer is mostly a factor of the present state of the printer. For instance, the printing mode on the average uses less than watts while in standby mode, the power usage is 70 watts only.

Download Brother HL driver from Brother website. Your email address will not be published. Brother HL printer driver download The Brother HL printer has a print technology of the electrophotographic method while the print rate varies by several factors. Title Description Release Date Version Size Remote Printer Console With this software you can change many of the printer settings independently of your software application.

For example, you can change printer margin settings, sleep mode settings, character set settings from the Remote Printer Console software. These settings are then remembered and used by the printer. The administrator will receive e-mail notification with information about the device status such as page counts, consumable status and the firmware version. Install this software on a PC which is locally connected to the device you want to monitor. Other countries English.