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Your friend used the drive on a PC, and when it was returned this is what occurred. Only an NTFS formatted drive should behave this way. I am unaware of any fix, but I will follow the thread and see if other community members can offer a solution. Best of luck.

How to Format a Drive on a Mac

Jul 29, 4: I suggest you send it back to your friend and have him erase it, and reformat it, but leave it empty. If that turns out to be impossible, or it comes back to you in the same unusable state, then Linc Davis has the only suggestion you have not yet acted on. Aug 2, I don't know anyone who uses Windows and took it to a Coffee House to ask if someone there would reformat it for me. Most of the time I got a 'no' fearing it may harm their systems??? I figured it couldn't be that difficult on a Windows machine, there must be a disk utility somewhere on the system, but they wouldn't let me look or even try.

I did contact the manufacturer and was told the drive should work under OS X but they have never tested it and would not allow me to return it because the purchase date was beyond the day warranty. I did tell them that I would alert the Mac community about the problem and suggest Mac users avoid PNY flash drives or other drives.

Because it was a 64G flash drive I paid a handsome price for it from Staples. I returned it to Staples and asked for my money back but again, according to my receipt, it was beyond their warranty period.

Here's how to format USB on Mac

Of course, they took me to the locked flash drive cabinet and suggested I purchase another brand but I was ticked and promised I would not buy another item from them. I've asked the former friend who borrowed it to replace it with a different brand and mailed it to him because it contains all of his files. He has not responded thus far and I doubt that he ever will. Its too bad. I'll never loan another Flash Drive to anyone again, good friend or not. Dec 6, I found this post while researching this issue, and it's recent enough that I figured you might like to hear the fix.

Despite the item being marketed directly at "MacBooks," and the packaging saying "formatted for Mac" it was actually formatted ExFAT by an XP machine which is where this particular problem originates evidently other OSs can format it and it won't get locked into this "read-only" mode. I found an old Apple article saying to boot from a My MacBook is new enough that it won't even boot from my old Snow Leopard DVD, and when I tried the command line utilities in my boot drive's Mavericks Terminal, even the new versions of the command line disk utility wouldn't work.

Fix External Hard Drive 'Read Only' Error on Mac Without Losing Data

What I didn't realize, was that it wasn't the particular utility that mattered, but the fact that the Mac was booted from an alternate boot drive. It was no longer read-only, and I was able to reformat it easily. Dec 6, 2: Could not get Unibeast to install on an 8G flash drive using a Mavericks Mac.

I'm left with a 65G flash drive that is formatted for ExFat and read-only that cannot and will not be erased and reformatted for OS X.

How to Solve the "Read Only" External Hard Drive Problem on Mac

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind, however. The first is that when you format and disk, you will erase all the data currently on it. So if you need that data, make sure you copy it onto another disk before you start.

2. If You Need a One-Time Fix

Secondly, there are several formats to choose from, each with advantages and disadvantage. Use the guide above to help you decide which is right for you. Ivan Exploring latest tech trends. Apple obsessed. CleanMyMac X. English English.

USB Flash Drive - Read Only (Hardware + Software method)

There are three possible reasons. Right-click your hard disk and select 'Get Info'. If you find your external hard drive is NTFS format, that's what the cause is. The incompatibility of the file system is the main cause of the error-external hard drive 'Read Only' on Mac. NTFS is a file system that is optimal for Windows-based computer.

Although the Mac operating system allows you to read the files on external hard drive, you can't write files to it because the way that NTFS writes data to the device is incompatible with the way of macOS doing it. Go to the Fix. An external hard drive is subject to the access permission set up by OS X for all files and folders on the system. When you use the device on another computer with a different OS, the permission settings with it may not be recognized or prevent access to the files on the hard disk.

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Another common cause for the external hard drive 'Read Only' problem on Mac is the formatting errors of the storage device itself. If you see a warning says the device is only being mounted in read-only mode while connecting, your hard disk is diagnosed to have formatting errors that prevent you from writing files to it. Identify the cause that leads to the 'Read Only' error on your Mac from the information above, then follow the corresponding solution to solve the problem with ease.

If your external hard drive is read-only on your Mac due to its NTFS file system, you can easily fix it by reformatting the device to a Mac-compatible format with the built-in Disk Utility on Mac.

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  • Before that, remember to back up your external hard drive quickly with a highly-efficient data backup software since the formatting will erase all the files on the device. Step 2: In the list of available drives on the left, choose the problematic external hard drive. Then click the 'Erase' option in the main window. Step 3: Choose a proper file system and rename your hard disk.

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    Wait for the reformatting process to complete and then go to the information window, this time you will see the 'You can only read' has changed to 'You can read and write', which means you can read and write the drive on your Mac normally. Generally speaking, when a storage device shows up as read-only, you can still copy files off of it. If you cannot view or see all saved data on the drive, don't worry. Step 1.

    Click the Scan button.